Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Watching a child's self-esteem grow right along with them is a most rewarding experience. One of the things I like to achieve in my child care home is helping the kids to discover their self-worth. It's a goal with every child that comes through my door. What an important time in life to begin learning that you are important. You are loved. You can do anything. You are special. Reminds me of a Barney song! Come on, you know you want to. Sing a verse. I won't tell.

Some children struggle with this more than others. These are the ones that usually try to hide a mistake, hang their heads; even at age three, or aren't quick to give out answers because they may be wrong. What a sad sight. Children so young shouldn't feel insecure. My work is cut out with these kids. I love praising them and giving them positives and watching their sense of accomplishment after a craft. I believe God has put this kind of child in my home for a reason. I can love them right through Him and I don't know any better kind of love.

Other children must have been born with value because there is nothing to teach them about feeling good about themselves. They already do! You know the ones I'm talking about.

We were getting ready for lunch to start the other day. The children had all been seated and were waiting, as patiently as children do, for their food. I was plating our well-rounded, cover the pyramid in all the right portions meal when out of nowhere A* holds up his index finger and formally declares, "Miss Sheri, I'm awesome!"

In my amazed, cheerful and most whimsical voice, (and knowing he wouldn't have a clue what the words meant as long as the voice was positive) I replied, "And you certainly don't have an ego problem either, do you?"

A* put on his biggest, grandest smile, puffed out his chest and proudly stated, "NO, I'm GREAT! In fact, I'm good at everything."

Don't you wish all children entered their schooling years feeling such empowerment? Oh, that they could get all the way through their education with a high self-esteem. Just think of the impact on our crazy world.

So as I get through the rest of my day with a little warm fuzzy smile because A* knows he is awesome; here's hoping the rest of you feel just a little bit awesome yourselves!


  1. Excellent words my friend! I only wish the kids I have seen this year could have started out like you do with your kids! I see the effects of NOT having a good self esteem and it makes me sad! God job!!

  2. Hi Sheri! I visit your blog from time to time and think what you are doing is terrific. The kids you impact will agree i am sure. I gave your blog a Creative Blogger Award. Drop by my site to pick it up. Actually i got it from Saundra the great lady who commented just before me! Cheers!
    Ross Lynem